Sherlock Holmes and his inimitable sense of humour.

Jóképű, okos és még remek (angol) humorral is meg van áldva. Sherlock Holmes, a kissé vérmes nyomozó hamarosan újra a mozivásznon látható újabb izgalmas kalandokkal.
Az eheti mozi premier kapcsán legújabb bejegyzésünkben a sármos brit nyomozó legviccesebb szövegeivel és legcsípősebb beszólásaival találkozhatsz.
Egy kis rossz hír azonban, hogy Holmes nyakatekert mondatai miatt legfőképp haladó angolosoknak ajánljuk a következő szövegeket.


The newest Sherock Holmes movie is about to hit the Hungarian cinemas and the fans of Robert Downey Jr, Arthur Conan Doyle, or good action movies are unanimously pining for the newest blockbuster. If you don’t want to miss the husky voice of Jude Law or the quick-paced, witty and humorous dialogues you’d better watch A Game of Shadows in English. Stick with us as this article will help you appreciate the Sherlockian humour a bit more.


Level: Advanced


Watch the extract and decide whether the following sentences are true/false/not mentioned.

» Watch the video here!

  • Holmes knows why Watson procrastinated introducing him to Mary.
  • Mary has read a lot of detective novels.
  • Mary feels a bit humiliated when Holmes disagrees with her.
  • Watson bought his walking stick in Afghanistan.
  • Watson admits he has a gambling issue.
  • Watson and Holmes set up rules about how Holmes should behave in the presence of Mary prior to the dinner.
  • Holmes assumes that Mary’s student is 9 years old.
  • The colour of the ink the governess uses is Arctic blue.
  • The reason why Mary’s landlady lent her the necklace is because she keeps her calm with her student.
  • Holmes accuses Mary of being a gold digger.


Now watch the extract again and check your answers.

If you need a bit of help here’s the key:
1F 2T 3T 4F 5F 6T 7F 8F 9T 10T


Here is the transcript to help you understand Holmes’ subtle sense of humour. See the commentary in purple for the explanation.

- Holmes!
- Hmm.
- You're early.
- Fashionably.
It’s funny because the phrase originally is ’to be fashionably late’
- Miss Mary Morsten.
- Oh my goodness. What a pleasure. For the life of me, I don't know why it's taken him so long to introduce us properly.
- The pleasure is mine.
Instead of using the archaic, almost obsolete ’How do you do?’ the exchange ’- What a pleasure. – The pleasure is mine.’ is the one you should opt for.
- It really is quite a thrill to meet you, Mr. Holmes. I've heard so much about you. I have a pile of detective novels at home... Collins, Poe.
- It's true.
- It can seem a little far fetched though, at times. Making these grand assumptions out of tiny details.
- That's not quite right is it? In fact, the little details are by far, the most important.
- Take Watson...
- I intend to.
What Holmes means by saying ’Take Watson’ is ’for example Watson’. Mary intentionally misunderstands him and reacts to the meaning ’take Watson as your husband’.
- See his walking stick over there? African snake wood. Hiding a blade of high tensile steel. Few were rewarded to the veterans of the Afghan war, so I can assume, he's a decorated soldier. Strong, brave, born to be an adventurer and neat, like all military men. Now, I check his pockets. Ah, a stamp from a boxing match. Now, I can infer that he's a bit of a gambler. I'd keep an eye on that dowry, if I were you.
- Those days are behind me.
- Right, behind you.
Watson tries to express that those days are long gone. Holmes plays a word pun as he refers to the physical location to ’those days’.
- It's cost us the rent, more than once.
- Well with all due respect, Mr. Holmes, You know John very well. What about a complete stranger? -What can you tell about me?
- You?
- I don't think that's...
- I don't know that, that's...
- Not at dinner.
- Perhaps another time.
- I insist.
- You insist?
- You remember we discussed this.
- The lady insists.
- You're a governess.
- Well done.
- Yes, well done. Shall we... Waiter!
- Your student... It's a boy of eight.
- Charlie is seven, actually.
- And he's tall for his age. He flicked you with ink today.
- Is there ink on my face?
- There is nothing wrong with your face.
- There are two drops on your ear in fact. India blue is nearly impossible to wash off. Anyway, very impetuous act of that boy, but you're too experienced to react rashly, which is why the lady for whom you work lent you that necklace. Pearls, diamonds, flawless rubies. Hardly the gems of a governess . However, the jewels you are not wearing, tell us rather more.
- Holmes!
- You were engaged.
- The ring has gone, but the lightness of the skin where it once sat suggests that you spent some time abroad, wearing it proudly that is, until you were informed of its true and rather modest worth and then you broke of the engagement and returned to, England for better prospects. A doctor perhaps?
- You're right on all counts Mr. Holmes, apart from one. I didn't leave him. He died.

The new film will be in the cinemas at Christmas.

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